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Last updated :July 7th If you wish to add any entries to this FAQ, or amend existing entries, please send me an email with details of changes. All contributions welcome. What is the Suzuki SV? New buyers guide What are the specifications for the ? What are the performance figures for the ? What are the performance figures for the What are the specifications for the ?


Are there issues with cam chain tensioners? Are there issues with fuel filler caps? Where can I read a review. What are the differences in the models over the years Thanks to all the contributors who took the time and trouble to send their 'how to' information into the web How to fill in the grabrail gaps, cheaply from Stu Kennedy Big 1. How to construct a home made radiator guard How to check and adjust engine valves What is the Suzuki SV?

The SV was originally introduced in It was available in two versions, faired SVs and naked SV Production has continued until In the SV and s were updated with new styling and had fuel injection added. The engine may be interchangable between the old and new models but not much else is.

See my link to the specs on the Stratten site. What are the performance figures? Figures are pretty thin on the ground at the moment Nov '99 but these figures were published in May Cycle World :. Measured top speed mph Are there issues with cam chain tensioners? Yes, on some bikes the cam chain tensioner s are very noisy. Get them checked by your dealer.

sv650 rear shock adjustment

Instist on having them replaced under warranty if you are still concerned that there is a problem. Yes, in some cases water can collect in the fuel filler cap recess in the fuel tank and will not drain away down the drain tube because the tube may be kinked underneath the hinged fuel tank. See deal with water in the fuel for more information. See also this word doc from Steve Warburton.

8900 Series SV650

Read all of this before you start. If you've not got the right tools or if you're not confident in using a tool kit, then get a professional to do it.

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Do one side at a time. Remove the brake calliper bolts and the P clip which attaches the calliper and the brake hose to the fork leg. The calliper will be stiff to pull of of the brake disc. I find that it's easiest to hold the calliper with a cloth and swivel it back and forth until it comes free. Hold the calliper so that you can see into the gap between the brake pads.

At the bottom of the calliper is the pad retaining pin, which is held in place by a small R clip.

sv650 rear shock adjustment

Remove the R clip with a small pair of pliers and pull out the pad retaining pin. You may have trouble with this, some people have found that the pin is seized solid in the calliper.We would like to reassure our customers and the general public that we are taking the current every sensible precautions at this difficult time.

Nitron boasts over a decade of success, celebrating prestigious race wins and lap records around the world. Automotive Alfa Romeo 4C 4C Atom. DB9 DB9 R8 V8 E36 M3 E36 Non M3 E86 Z4 M F80 M3 F82 M4 F87 M2 F87 M2 Competition Escort Escort Mk2 Ford GT NSX S E-Type E-Type. Gallardo Gallardo Elan M Esprit V8 Europa S Evora A45 AMG R35 GT-R M12 M12 M14 M Cayman Cerbera Cerbera Chimaera Griffith Sagaris T Tamora Tuscan V8S GT86 GT86 Supra Mk4 Seight XTR2 In a perfect world suspension would always react different on your bike.

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Comfortable when you like and stiffer when you need Welcome to Hyperpro front fork springs and shock replacement springs. You don't need to think ahead of where to stop safely. Looking for the best, but don't want to spent too much money. The streetbox!

8987 Triple Adjustable

We are pleased to find you here. We are happy to provide you with any answers regarding suspension matters. Hyperpro supplies suspension upgrades world wide. Comfort and Safety are keywords in our philosophy. Hyperpro products and our services are to be found worldwide! Steering dampers Your motorcycle needs the best quality Use a steering damper to provide you with the best control possible.

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sv650 rear shock adjustment

No upcoming events.Home Page. This page contains information on adjusting the stock GS rear shock, as well as some full replacement options. Katana shock Raises the bike and has rebound damping adjustability. SV shock Raises the bike and requires modifying the shock to install it. R6 shock Does not raise the bike and has the most adjustability. GSXR shock Raises the bike and requires modifying the shock and linkage to install.

Has rebound and compression adjustability. The overly soft suspension of the GS is an issue for many users, particularly those who have a more aggressive riding style.

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The rear suspension can be improved in two ways, by tightening the preload on the rear shock or by replacing the rear shock. Tightening the preload on the rear shock is a fairly quick and easy procedure. Adjusting preload is a means of changing the amount of sag, or the amount the suspension compresses with rider on board. Properly adjusted sag will ensure that the suspension doesn't bottom out or top out on bumps. Note that adjusting preload does not increase the stiffness of the suspension.

Preload, as the name suggests, increases the initial loading on the spring, but does not change the spring rate. Therefore, if the spring is just too soft for you, this will not solve the problem. You will need only the tool kit that came with your bike. The tool shaped like a crescent on a handle is used to manipulate the rear preload and the tool shaped like a tube with one end pinched fits onto the handle of the crescent tool to entend its reach. These are pictured below.

If you have lost them they are available from motorcyclesuperstore. At the bottom of your rear shock there is a coller with gaps in it and numbers written on the side. The picture below is taken from the right side where it is easiest to adjust. Fit the wrench into the holes in the collar so that the flat vertical piece is resting on the collar and the hooked end is inside the gaps. From the right side of the bike, twist the wrench towards the rear of the bike. As you reach each further preload setting the collar will click into place.

You will need to remove and reseat the wrench every time you advance the collar because there is such a limited travel space for it. If you wish to decrease the preload you will have to advance the collar all the way around until it comes back to the lowest setting 1.Remember Me? Advanced Search. SV rear suspension - Preload, or just ride height adjustment?

Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thread: SV rear suspension - Preload, or just ride height adjustment? I'm a bit confused. I've been playing around with the preload on my K6, and reckon that all it does is slightly alter the ride height of the bike. It almost seems as if the spring on the unit is too hard, if that makes sense.

SV650 Shock Replacement

I've still got the standard rear shock, and don't really have a problem with it as far as riding in the street goes. Damping seems to be ok. It recovers from bumps pretty well, and doesn't bounce around well sometimes corrugations can upset thingsbut it doesn't feel compliant. That's the only way I can describe it. Obviously a lot of guys change their suspension set ups for racing, but I'm not really concerned about that.

I'm just looking for a more compliant ride. What sort of set ups are road riders on SVs running? Originally Posted by Pwalo. Location Upper Hutt Posts 2, Yep, preload is ride height adjustment.

Can make small changes to spring action due to non linear suspension, if anything, it would make the travel softer I would think at the top. There is a grey blur, and a green blur. I try to stay on the grey one. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is All rights reserved.Ride Weight with Gear and Luggage.

Additional Notes. The choice for pro racers and serious trackday riders, the series is the most versatile and top performing motorcycle shock. Available with a remote or piggyback reservoir, the offers an infinite amount of adjustability options through external adjusters. This shock will increase rear grip, lower lap times, and improve tire wear. What is the Difference Between High and Low Speed Compression Adjustment: High and low speed damping is determined by the speed at which the shock is moving.

For example, high speed bumps can be compared to hitting a curb or a large bump in the road surface. Typically, this is a rider-comfort area of adjustment. Low speed is used for controlling chassis movements, grip, and tire wear. When the bike is in the corner and the chassis is loaded, any slight variation in the track surface would be considered low speed. In a race environment, the ability to adjust both high and low speed is especially important, where every bit of grip available is critical.

It is simple to tune with predictable and repeatable results. Check the application chart to see which shock models are available for your bike. We may be able to take your OEM or existing shock and make a duplicate.

Some models require fabrication of existing parts. For these models, additional labor is added. The application chart will show cost that will be added.

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Rear Shock

Toggle navigation. Description Additional information Description The choice for pro racers and serious trackday riders, the series is the most versatile and top performing motorcycle shock.

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It features four adjustable settings: compression, rebound, spring preload and shock length. Your total weight must include your combined rider weight with all gear. Images for reference only.

Actual K-Tech Shock will vary slightly depending on your motorcycle's make and model. Navigation Menu. Wish List. Please reference our International Shipping Policy for details.

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