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When the connection between the Xiaomi Xiaofang P smart IP camera and your smartphone fails or breaks frequently, or the camera cannot work normally, besides the phone's or the Mi Home application's factors, it may also because the IP camera gets something wrong. So resetting it is the simplest way to solve these errors.

Users who don't know how to do it, please refer to the following steps. Step 1. Step 2. Reconnect the camera to the power source, once the status light on the camera's back lights no matter the light is yellow or bluewait for a while until it flashes. Step 3.

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Keep pressing it until you see the status light turns off and flashes again. Step 4. Shut off the power and then connect it to the power again. Wait until the yellow status light lights and flashes again.

How to reset Xiaomi Xiaofang 1080P smart IP camera

Use the card pin to stick into the SETUP hole again and keep pressing it until you hear a Chinese audio which means " waiting to be connected ", then stop sticking the hole. Step 5. Launch the Mi Home app on your phone. Then find out the Xiaofang smart IP camera icon and tap it to add the device.

So choose the mode you prefer to connect it to your phone. Step 6. Follow the guide to add the IP camera to the app and connect it to your phone. Hope this reset guide is useful for you. Mi Band 2 Troubleshoot Easily fix 9 Bluetooth pairing issues. Mi Mover: transfer any data from old phone to Xiaomi device. Specific description to guide you to reset the Xiaomi Xiaofang P smart IP camera with simple six steps.

xiaofang 1s t20l

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CN Shipping rate:. Flower shop mini star with a Bao Xiaofang camera bag shoulder diagonal fashion handbag bag. Night Vision. Local SG Stock and warranty. Xiaomi Hualai Xiaofang Camera. Article fashion square nail rose Jin Xiaofang watch cross-border belt female fashion ladies watch wh.

Female for new flow Su Xiaofang female baodan shoulder bag phone bag small diagonal package fri. Spring of new diagonal flow Su Xiaofang baodan shoulder handbag fashion mini bag. Spring retro theatrical temperament Joker fan xiaofang table a couple simple metal watch female.Mi Gadgets. This post was edited by junyang96 atDec This is just a personal experience with my Xiaofang 1s camera with MAC address starting at So I updated my Xiaofang 1s from 5.

Note that this firmware is 5.

xiaofang 1s t20l

The firmware can also be downloaded from the Chinese forum but you'll need a baidu account. Or you can 1. Download demo. Format a SD card3. Paste the file into the SD card4. Eject then insert SD card into the camera5. Plug the camera7. Wait for about 15 secondsYou should see the yellow light turn into blue then flashing like normal againDo it at your own risk I am just merely sharing my experience with my own device and the discussions from the Chinese forumCheersJY.

Format a SD card 3. Paste the file into the SD card 4. Eject then insert SD card into the camera 5.

xiaofang 1s t20l

Plug the camera 7. Wait for about 15 seconds You should see the yellow light turn into blue then flashing like normal again Do it at your own risk I am just merely sharing my experience with my own device and the discussions from the Chinese forum Cheers JY.

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I tested it but after succed downgrade the firmware my xiaofang restart every few seconds anybody know what is wrong? After using 5. After install 5.I recently started a small home automation project without any prior knowledge about Home Assistant or the other components. So I was a complete newbie and had to tackle multiple challenges along the way.

If you are in the same position, this guide is for you! Many users have reported that their SD cards suddenly stopped working and they had to re-install everything. This happened to me as well.

And I switched to an SSD afterwards see chapter below. The installation is a bit more technical than using the SD card. So depending on your goals and technical abilities you might want to choose either the SD card way or SSD way. Installation was straight forward. I basically followed the official installation. At the time of writing June this was HassOS 2. I connected the Raspberry to my local network via cable and booted it up without attaching the Conbee II stick yet you will later see why.

Now since everything is up and running its time to add the Conbee II stick to the mix. Without having it attached to your Pi go to Hass. Write it down. Now connect the Conbee II stick to the Pi and boot it up again.

Just click on "Reboot" in the same card. This can take some while. Once the Pi is back go to the same place and check the Hardware section again. Under "serial" there should be a new component, e. This is our friend the Conbee II stick! Copy this string to the clipboard. Now go to Hass.

xiaofang 1s t20l

Now at the bottom of the page there is a config section. Add the name of your device like this:. Now you can start this add-on.

Xiaofang 1S, Segundas partes nunca fueron buenas

If everything goes right a green light should pop-up.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together.

Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I have two Xiaofang cameras. On buying my second cam, i explicitly order a 1S, but i will be sure, if it really is a 1S.

The information on the back are nearly the same. Are there any optical differences to see the different version? Is this an approved fact? They appear to be the same as yours. They have the night sensor and work great with iSpy Agent. How do you get rtsp working? I've been struggling for ages to get it working I can see the video feed on chrome, but it's really choppy, like fps, it's really bad. Any ideas? Again, I am using iSpy.

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I've connected 1 wyzecam and 2 xiaofangs. Should work with VLC even better.

Wyze Cam V2 Xiaomi XiaoFang RTSP OpenIP

You might want to browse this issue to determine what settings will work best for you: Would you be willing to share with me how you were able to downgrade the firmware and install a custom one? I've been trying for several days different sdcards, etcbut I can't seem to get the first demo.

The Mihome App has upgraded the firmware of the cameras to 5.

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Every time I try to flash the cfm, after I restart the camera I never get the 'solid blue light', it still goes through the solid yellow then blinking yellow sequence. Installation of the microSD bootloader - Step 8: I set timer and wait for at least 3 minutes before continuing to Step 9. The base doesn't move on these cameras. I get blue light for a couple of seconds, then flashing yellow also. Don't worry about it. Look for camera on your network.

I seem to recall that I had a similar problem as you when trying to flash the wyzecam. Kept getting that flashing light. Turns out the bootloader was working, but camera wasn't connecting to wifi This issue helped me to resolve that: Update: Oh yeah, and make sure your sd card doesn't get corrupted.

I bought 3 sd cards and they were all bad. Thank you, will keep it at. Really appreciate the confirmation that these are the right steps to take for this camera.

Amitcgartist WtF, how many more issues do you want to spam about this instead of reading up on this? Followed the steps - it worked like a charm for me as well.

Thanks SomebodySysop! I also just bought the Xiaomi Xiao Fang.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account.

I could use that, too. So I would check tomorrow if I can send you the original version. Can you tell me how to get it down there? On my side I do not have the camera yet. Don't know if someone can dump the original firmware of this camera to help you? So I just didn't get the camera to make a dump yet. But I will take care of it as soon as possible.

I am attaching the dump I have done today. I am not sure it is what is needed. The unstable hack is running currently on the device so maybe the dump is altered. I can try to revert back to old firmware, but you will have to guide me because I assume the xiaomi original firmware on the project is for T20 only. There is no ssh on factory firmware, isn't? I'm waiting for a T20L xiaofang. I think it will be at home in a week or two.

Xiaofang 1S, Segundas partes nunca fueron buenas

How can I dump original firmware without installing a custom one? You will likely need to solder a UART interface to your camera. There should be tutorials about it. Thanks for the information. And as soon as the binary is install, it can't be resented for me to dump the firmware? Do you think it will be easy to fix the hack with the dump? If I bought a second one, will I be almost sure to be able to use both of them quickly?

As soon as you install the custom firmware the original fw we want to dump is gone.

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Probably the hardware changed a little and they updated their libs a little. Cannot really promise anything. You will need to build your own custom firmware. It looks like a T20L.

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I opened mine and it is also only marked T Mine has been manufactured on whiles your is very recent. I need help. I connected camera pins to the converter photo found on the internet.Sign in. Sign in with. Money Back Guarantee Refund in 15 Days. I know they made a change and all cameras outside China break.

小米小方 1S T20L 自制 RTSP 固件指南

Im in New Zealand, running latest firmware, just set mi home to mainland china server. You can have a clear view even in a dark environment Support motion and sound detection, detects the smoke and CO alarm, send you the alarm when it is triggered Two-way audio, you can talk to your family when you are not at home Max support 32G extended TF card not included Magnetic bracket, it can be mounted on any metal surface Support time-lapse recording Please download APP "Mi Home" from Apple Store or Google Play Support Android 4.

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SD card is not included. The adapter is a square as shown in the picture, not round. If it doesn't suit, please make the order of only the camera. Setting steps: Download the Mi Home app in your phone. Don't update the camera's firmware!!! Create account. Click on "setup" on the camera till you hear voice. View more. Pxxxf SE. Colour: White. Vxxxn UA. Very good Seller.